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Lot 6


If you love waterfront living and natural beauty, come and view Lot 6 at The Glades.


This place is a sanctuary and is likely to be the last of its kind.

The lot itself is 1,979 m2, which means it's plenty spacious for your new home. But even better than that, it comes with waterfront views—you can relax on your deck and enjoy all that Matapaua Bay has to offer!

​We've designed our beautiful lot to give you the space and privacy you need, while still offering views of the sea and easy access to Sandy Bay—a beautiful, private horseshoe-shaped beach.

We know how hard it can be to find a home that fits your needs exactly, so come take a look at what we have available today!

The Glages - Aerial
Aerial Lots 5 - 14
Lot 6 Aerial
Lot 6
TheGlades - Aerial Development.jpeg
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