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Lot 11


The Glades Waterfront Estates is a quiet, peaceful place to build your home and life. It's a slice of paradise that you'll never want to leave.

Lot 11 has 1,418 m2 of space—plenty of room for you and your family to build your dream home. Featuring a section with great views for great value, it is surrounded by 36 hectares of coastal native bush that will never be developed.


In addition to its natural beauty, this area has Kiwis and all kinds of New Zealand birds that come to visit the area's native bush tracks—and if you're lucky, you might even see some wildlife!

Surrounded by this beautiful New Zealand landscape, your home will have stunning views of Sandy Bay—a private horseshoe-shaped beach with white sand. This is a place where children can play freely and adults can relax in peace. It's truly a delight for everyone!

Want to learn more about The Glades Waterfront Estates? Please click the button below to contact the owner/developer for further information!

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Lot 11 Aerial
Lot 11
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